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Brooklands Park forest remnant

There is a 150 metre track that meanders through some dense and tangled undergrowth between the Brooklands lawn and the giant Puriri (Vitex lucens).

It is part of the old Nature Trail which was established by Ian McDowell to stimulate interest in ecology. The path presents an opportunity to step back in time and explore the mature and spectacular native bush that borders the Brooklands lawn. It must look much the same today as it did to our forefathers when they faced that impenetrable lowland forest that blanketed Taranaki from the coast to the mountain. Along the track you will experience the natural cycle of regeneration from seedlings struggling for light, to the dense canopy formed by the giants.

The track passes under mature Puriri (Vitex lucens), Tawa (Beilschmiedia tawa),

Kohekohe (Dysoxylum spectabile) and Karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatus).































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