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The Friends of Pukekura Park and MAIN Trust NZ are pleased to announce the publication of some interactive online  resources for visitors and schools. These have been made possible with the support of the MBIE who funded the Curious Minds Project, "Pukekura Park - Living Science".


We have three walks for you to take, and find out about the history and plants in the Park. These are particularly suitable for school trips, as Leesha Clark, from Matapu School, has written the booklets which relate to the NZ Curriculum subjects, Science and Social Science Level 3.


The maps link to the booklets at ‘stops' of particular interest. You can download the booklets, or just browse online.

  • Walk around the Lakes and Fernery, looking at the history of Pukekura Park, the main buildings, features and significant trees. Booklet to read online.  Use the online interactive map with quick links to the booklet at each stop.
  • The Maranui Gully, in the Park behind Highlands Intermediate School. See the native plants in the deep bush and find out about their ecology and uses. Booklet to read online
  • The Nature Walk, from Brooklands Zoo on a circuit through the Park, looking at features in the native bush, some introduced trees, and changes that occur over time. Booklet to read online

For the online maps please enable pop-ups in your web browser, and use Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is not recommended. You can download and print the booklets and maps.


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See the details of the plant collections, Park places, entrances, paths and the photogallery. Click here


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To search these e-books for specific plants, use your internet browser (Firefox, Chrome or Safari) and click the "Ctrl" and "F" keys together to bring up a 'Find' pane.

David Medway e-book 'Significant Plants of Pukekura Park' documenting 500 significant plant species and varieties.

Cory Smith - e-book of his study of 'Notable Trees of New Plymouth' (A report published in 2002 to review and assess S.W. Burstall's original listing of Historic and Notable trees in New Plymouth)


See more historic and botanic information in "Kete Pukekura".

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