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The Friends of Pukekura Park

Summer 2016


New visitor guides for Pukekura Park


The Friends of Pukekura Park and MAIN Trust NZ are pleased to announce the publication of some online education resources for schools. These have been made possible with the support of the MBIE who funded the Curious Minds Project, "Pukekura Park - Living Science".

See more about the maps and guides on the page 'Maps and Resources'



See more images of Pukekura Park in our digital library, Kete http://kete.pukekura.org.nz - search for key words, then select the category for "Topics" or "Images" or "Audio" etc.

Written for the Brooklands' 75th Anniversary

Experience a slice of history - from Newton King to the Bowl.
Caution: this illustrated record of Brooklands is a 1.8MB file


Read about  the Friends of Pukekura Park archive project, along with full details and documentation.This is a collaborative central government funded project in association with Puke Ariki to collect, collate, digitise and store the botanical, ecological and historical records of Pukekura Park for use by future generations.