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About Us

The Friends of Pukekura Park are first and foremost people who love Pukekura Park, Brooklands Park and the associated bush Reserves and wish to safeguard the special character.

  • We are a social group; we meet monthly, usually with a speaker.

  • We ramble in the Park and explore the special features with expert guides.

  • Once a year we produce a colourful and informative magazine for members.

  • Volunteers drive the buggy so that less able visitors can also enjoy the Park. Other volunteers assist within the gardens to prune, plant and propagate - mainly in the Gables garden

Society Objectives

  • To safe-guard the special nature of the Park.

  • To disseminate information on the Park to the public and act as a channel for public opinion.

  • To enable and encourage active support and promotion for the Park and its features.

  • To foster generally the ongoing maintenance, development and survival of the Park

See the Society Constitution here

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