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WOMAD – World of Music, Arts and Dance – is one of the longest-running, best culturally established festivals on the planet. The festival began in the UK back in 1982, intending to celebrate diverse cultures and their artistic offerings from around the globe.


Always family-oriented, WOMAD festivals are the ultimate culmination of sounds, scenery, and good vibes. Through festivals, community events, and educational projects, we aim to excite, delight, and open your mind to the worth and potential of a multicultural society.


“WOMAD has offered many audiences an insight into cultures other than their own through the enjoyment of music – drawing people and artists together, proving, as well as anything, the stupidity of racism,” says Peter Gabriel, co-founder of WOMAD.


New Zealand 2023 marks the 20th year since WOMAD was first held at the picture-perfect Bowl of Brooklands and Brooklands Park in New Plymouth, Taranaki.


With support from WOMAD UK, along with councils, companies, iwi, organisations and grant makers, WOMAD NZ opened in Taranaki for the first time in 2003. It began as a biennial event and became annual from 2007.


Since that first festival, WOMAD NZ has continued to embrace a world of cultural diversity through vibrant performances and appearances on the eight stages dotted throughout the leafy parkland.

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